Website Trường Cao Đẳng Giao thông Vận Tải Trung Ương V (Tên cũ Trường Cao Đẳng Giao Thông Vận Tải II)

Development orientation




Deliver the training for vocational occupations in professional qualification of elementary, intermediate and college levels; Provide the high-quality human resource keeping up with technology trends to meet the requirements pertaining to national modernization and industrialization in general and of the transport industry in particular.




By 2025, having recognized as “a high-quality TVET college” in the direction of standardization, modernization, socialization and international integration. 




1. Continuously re-organise the organizational structure to be more compact, flexible, effective in accordance with reality.

2. Periodically provide further training for staffs to enhance workplace productivity.

3. Comprehensively apply the information technology to all involved activities.

4. Invest to improve and modernize synchronously equipment and  facilities to achieve to achieve high-quality training.

5. Periodically carry out vocational education quality self-assessment and accreditation at the request of competent agencies.

6. Cooperate with the enterprises in vocational training and jobs after graduation.

7. Building a professional and civilized workplace environment.




1. Solidarity - Responsibility

2. Personality - Knowledge

3. Quality - Efficiency

4. Professionalism - Modernity

5. Cooperation - Community

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